Greeting from Pennsylvania Campus in the name of our Lord.


GVCS PA Campus was founded in August 2015 and is providing an education of advanced curriculum, along with ample opportunities for hands-on experience through various after-school and weekend programs.


Starting 2017 fall, we have adopted STEAM integrated education into our curriculum along with a 1-1 technology program. Smart Boards are being utilized in classes and each student is provided with a Chromebook as well in order to promote an academic environment where students not only participate but lead through the education they receive in creative and individualized ways.


The school is accredited by both the Association of Christian School International (ASCI) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) through our joint partnership with Broadfording Christian Academy. With the help of our exceptional teachers, we provide an education that incorporates the advantages of both Korean and American academics; cultivating Christian leaders of future generations that possess great discernment, insight, and influence.


We ask for your prayers and active participation on behalf of our educational community that was founded and is led by the mercy of our God. Please pray that it may become a place for teenagers from all over the globe to dream, share, and study together as they mature into global leaders who are after God’s own heart.


Thank you.

Rev. Joshua Kang